AEROMANIA, 13th -15th OF JULY 2018

AEROMANIA is “the most loved seaside airshow” according to the Diploma of Excellence that Tuzla Airport has been awarded at the VIth edition of Awarding Prizes. Aeromania means: aerial acrobatics with world famous pilots, both Romanian and foreign, live concerts, aviation stands, vintage car exhibitions, photography, contests, food court, children's playground, garden party.

The event is dedicated to tourists spending their summer on the seasides, persons in search of alternatives for entertainment and aviation fans.

Aeromania 2018 schedule

- Friday, 13th of July: drone fair and aviation conference - Pria Talks about Aviation, followed by a Nikon photography workshop (starting with 11 o’clock)
- Saturday, 14th of July: airshow followed by live music concerts - Mihai Margineanu and White Mahala (15.00 – 22.00)
- Sunday, 15th of July: chic picnic at the airport and leisure flights (starting with 11 o’clock)

We and our guests are waiting for you: Romanian Airclub, Jurgis Kairys, Semin Öztürk, Aerobatic Yakkers, Hawks of Romania, Romanian Air Force ROAF, Romanian Naval Forces NAVY, RAS fleet, helicopters, skydivers - with fabulous airshow, aircraft stands, vintage cars exhibition, concerts, conferences and workshops and a relaxing atmosphere in picnic areas, food court or shopping.

Aeromania 2017 was Tuzla Jubilee themed. At the airport were present:
17.000 visitors – all day (9000 simultaneously);
35 aircraft participating in the airshow and other aircrafts in static display;
25 retro cars (Retrocar);
100 official photographers.

For the first time in the history of the show, an official silver bracelet was specially manufactured by Micri Boutique.

The program of the anniversary 11th edition of AEROMANIA, included: Jurgis Kairys, Acrobatic Yakers, Hawks of Romania, Regional Air Services fleet etc. Rock music at Tuzla Airport: Proconsul, Daniele Gottardo, The R.O.C.K.

In 2016, at Aeromania 1 Special Decade, were present::
19.000 visitors – all day (8500 simultaneously);
33 aircraft participating in the airshow and other aircrafts in static display;
18 retro cars (Retrocar);
200 official photographers.

For the first time in the history of the show, an anniversary silver badge was specially manufactured by Micri Boutique for Aeromania 10 years.

In 2015, the audience of the event was above expectations:
15.500 visitors – all day (8500 simultaneously);
28 aircraft participating in the airshow and 18 aircraft in static display;
29 retro cars (Retrocar);
92 official photographers.

During 2009-2012, Aeromania was held over the Romanian beach.

Those who want to get involved in any way in organizing the event, can contact the organizers at
Any proposal is welcome (sponsorship, media partnership, participation as exhibitor or in the show, volunteer, donation etc.): AEROMANIA is made out of passion for aviation performance, with and for the noble-minded.

If you want to support AEROMANIA airshow organization, you can direct 2% of your income tax to ARPA - form attached.

Official Rules for exhibitors Aeromania 2018.


Cristina Mitchievici:
Phone/ Fax.: +40 375 390 390 / +4 0241 733 450
Mobile: 0754 070 551

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