Technical facilities

REGIONAL AIR SERVICES owns Tuzla airport – a complex infrastructure that serves both its own needs and other airline operators and aviation companies, in terms of:
» information services on air traffic
» aircraft parking – in a hangar area of 1200 m²
» repairs, aircraft service – by approved maintenance programs for aircraft type as AN-2, Ka-26, PZL-104 Wilga, DA-20, DA-40, DA-42, PA-34, Cessna 172 and Cessna 182, CABRI G2, Bell-206 and AS-365
» fuel storage
· JET-A1
      - two tanks with a storage capacity of 120 m3, 60 m3 each
      - a fuelling vehicle of 4700 litre capacity
· AVGAS 100LL aviation gasoline
      - a 10 m3 tank, under authorization
      - a 950 litre mobile tank
      - a fuelling skid

» fuel supply - 3 fueltakks 2x 7500l, 1x 4500l – fuel types – gasoline CO98, aviation gasoline CO91, 100LL, JET A1 oil
» oil supply – with MS 20 aviation oil, Aeroshell 100
» garages, car parking spaces
» security and safety of aircraft
» means of first aid intervention, fire fighting facility, fire tank
» spaces for goods storage

Present information is just a brief, for specific details regarding technical services, please contact:


Airport Operations Manager: mugurel.toma[a]

Technical Director: alina.latori[a]

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