The first professional integrated (air and naval) search and rescue service in Romania – organized as a partnership between a public body and a private operator – was concluded and released these days at Tuzla Airport.

It is also the first Romanian service that meets international standards of ICAO ANNEX 12 ICAO and ICAO – Doc. 7030, but also the OGP standards.

Regional Air Services and ARSVOM (Romanian Agency for Saving Lives at Sea) completed the refresher training related to rescue operations at sea HHO (helicopter hoist operator) / SAR under the exacting evaluation of the prestigious German company Heli Rescue Consult – an organization with an important tradition in training specialized personnel and with an impressive international portfolio.

The two instructors are Greipll Werner - a record holder of rescues in difficult conditions, both on land and at sea, with more than 5,000 lifting cycles and Herbert Graser - former Airbus test pilot.

During recurrent final trainings for more than two weeks, there have been various exercises with different degrees of difficulty, from rescues and backups on large vessels such as those on ALCOR - a vessel belonging to a private operator and contracted by Petrom for this purpose, to smaller boats and rafts for a single person or saving the floating victims wearing just a lifejacket from the water.

The reform of the search and rescue service is one of the necessary steps in the near future to guarantee citizens rights and for providing a safe climate in the Romanian economical area – especially offshore – where there are lots of large operators – as PETROM – that require this kind of services. Meanwhile, SAR has a strategic importance for attracting investments in potentially risk areas, investors that bring this kind of requirements for choosing their work area.

The First Romanian Private Aerobatic School Opens at Tuzla Airport

Saturday, 2nd of July 2016, Regional Air Services – TUZLA Airport officially launches the first private aerobatic school in Romania during AEROMANIA airshow. From now on, Tuzla will not miss aerobatics any day!

Aerobatic courses were included in Regional Air School syllabus and approved on 25th of May 2016. The aircraft used for training is an EXTRA 200.

The training aircraft reaches a speed of maximum of 402 km / h and a cruising speed of 285 km / h. It has a Textron-Lycoming AEIO-360-A1E engine that can raise up to 200 horsepower in takeoff. During aerobatics, the plane can carry a maximum of 606 kg on two seats.

Regional Air Services Ltd – Tuzla Airport aerobatics school instructors are the experienced Ioan Postolache and Marius Rădulescu.

Ioan Postolache, 50 years old - 8.000 flight hours and over 2.000 aerobatic flight hours. Former member of the aerobatic national team and member of the first and most appreciated private aerobatic team in Romania, the Aerobatic YakKers, Ioan Postolache has a huge experience, being one of the most appreciated pilots in the country and highly rated worldwide – thanks to his impeccable evolutions.
Postolache can be seen flying at Aeromania airshow, together with the other two Yakkers and Jurgis Kairys.

Marius Radulescu, 30 years old - 1.600 flight hours, 50 aerobatic flight hours and 1.000 instruction flight hours. He is former member of the regional aerobatic team of Aurel Vlaicu Air Club, Bucharest, and flight instructor for the student pilots of Regional Air School on Tuzla Airport since 2011.

The aerobatic training at Regional Air Services Tuzla Airport takes one week, during which students perform a minimum of 6 hours of training.

To register as student pilot, you must hold at least a PPL (A) license – which can also be obtained at Tuzla Airport ATO (approved training organization) and must have a minimum of 40 hours as Pilot In Command.
Course price is 3000 euro.

The initiative is part of Regional Air Services strategy to continuously bring something new to public in Romania or elsewhere. Passion for aviation helps us remain trend-setters in this area that requires sacrifices, but also offers plenty of rewards. We hope and wish that our aerobatic school trains pilots that make us proud and pilots ready to be invited to fly in following Aeromania editions, an event that has reached this year its 10th edition”, says Cristina Mitchievici, Regional Air Services Commercial Manager.

On June 18th, the Trip to the Sea Takes Only One Hour

For the first time in Romania, Uber users can book in the application a charter flight to the Black Sea cost

Regional Air Services and UberJET will operate Saturday, 18th of June, two charter flights taking off from Baneasa, Bucharest to Tuzla International Airport, near Constanța. Just by pressing a button in the UberJET app, the users can get from Bucharest to the sea in less than one hour.
Two last generation Diamond DA 42 aircraft provided by Regional Air Services take off from Băneasa airport and land on Tuzla airport, near Constanta, from where passenger are transported directly to Mamaia.

The flight costs 500 lei per passenger.

Users creating an account on Uber app between June 14th to 17th can win a free of charge ticket to the sea, using the code UberJET25 to register for the draw.

Our mission is to make urban mobility as accessible as running water. And, along the way, to offer to our users a little magic. With UberJET you can reach the sea in just an hour, but, more importantly, this application allows you to push a button and order a memorable experience at height”, stated Nicoleta Schroeder, General Manager Uber România.

Transport from the capital to the seaside has been and still is a problem due to traffic congestion on this route, especially in peak season. Again, Regional Air Services is involved in ingenious projects and solutions with positive impact on regional economic development, which sustain tourism and contribute to better connection to the transport network and, ultimately, increase the investment potential for South Dobrogea area”, said Cristina Mitchievici, Commercial Manager at Regional Air Services.

Mangalia Mayoralty and Tuzla International Airport invite you, on Saturday and Sunday, 13th-14th of July 2013


From 10.00-12.00 o’clock, the aerobatic show may be seen in Mangalia, above Laguna Beach; starting with 16.00h, the airshow moves at Tuzla Airport, accompanied by music and "hangar party".

The show features a wide range of activities and pilots: Yakkers’ Aerobatics, Jurgis Kairys aerobatic demonstrations (Kairys is multiple world champion and inventor of several flying maneuvres), culminating in the aerobatic moment featured by the Lithuanian pilot and The Yakkers: Air Bandits, Svetlana Kapanina, Romanian Air Force, Hawks of Romania, Ali Ozturk (with its biplane, Pitts), Francesco Fornabaio – Italian aerobatic freestyle champion, formation flights with Regional Air Services planes and helicopters.

Singers in hangar: Zdob și Zdub, Mihai Mărgineanu, Platonic, Trupa Veche, Paraziții.

New Aviation Presonnel Study Released by ICAO

Global and Regional 20-years Forecasts: PILOTS, MAINTENANCE, AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER

More than two million jobs are projected for pilots, maintenance personnel and air traffic controllers as a result of the retirement of qualified professionals and anticipated growth of commercial air transport to the year 2030.

The newly published ICAO study compares the average number of professionals worldwide that will need to be trained annually with the training capacity of existing facilities. It forecasts a shortfall of training capacity equivalent to 160,000 pilots, 360,000 maintenance personnel, and 40,000 ai traffic controllers.

Jurgis Kairys, Mihai Margineanu, the Aerobatic Yakkers and lot of other surprises on Tuzla Airport

The event organized Friday, on 24th of August, at Tuzla Airport was a joy both for the public and for the organizers: the show was incredible, and the audience – in great number and great enthusiasm.

What happened on 24th of August?

Mihai Margineanu sang, Adrian Constandache's skydivers landed, Incognito, Lupul cel Rau and Titiana Mirita also sang, we saw Regional Air Services aircraft formation flight, we even had the master- student formation named the Beauty and the Beast, Florin Chilian sang, followed by a Cabri helicopter solo, Jurgis Kayris did aerobatics like at the World Championship, we saw the Air Bandits, then, as the athmosphere became incendiary, an An2 sprayed water over the audience, charming the commenter, Andrei Lucrescu, – this time placed in the shelter of the stage, the Aerobatic Yakkers flew on twilight, through "bombs", launched fireworks from their wings, we heard fire sirens, had huge audience, televisions and many lots of applauses.

We believe it was the most successful edition of Fly In held on Tuzla airport and we decided not to stop here!

Thank you for being here for us.

Special thanks, also, to: NUTLine, Ciuc, Domeniile Ostrov, Pilotshop, Addare Communication, Seanet Neptun Tv, Radio Neptun, Radio Vacanta, Radio Constanta, Romania Libera, Academia Catavencu, Modista.

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