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Tuzla Airport - half a century of activity

Celebration in Tuzla. Representatives of Tuzla International Airport celebrate together with aviation enthusiasts and veterans; 50 years from the first flight accomplished by the AVIASAN pilots, on March 27, 1967.

AEROMANIA aerobatics show, to be held this year, will in turn pay tribute to its predecessors.

AVIASAN was established in 1958 in Constanta. Since 1967, Tuzla Airport has become the main point of its breathtaking aviation activities and where AVIASAN gained status as the flagship of Romanian aviation.

In only the first year, the pilots at Tuzla flew 1,600 hours of medical transport flights casevac, biological materials, specialists) and agricultural sprayings.

Between February 1982 and 1997 only a small part from the former AVIASAN has remained active, AVIATIA UTILITARA slowly reduced its position with the decline of centralized farming during the post-revolutionary period.

Few of the former employees of AVIASAN are still active at Regional Air Services - Tuzla International Airport, with people who have been here from day one of its inauguration and represent a testimony to the history and it’s progress. Their excitement is contagious, being confirmed by Mr. Badea Sava, 70. When asked by a journalist to comment, he replied: "About the history of Tuzla airport? Well ... I am part of the history of Tuzla Airport! "He is one of those who remembers people, events and situations and can be interviewed during the anniversary event scheduled for late March at the airport.

Tuzla today

In June 1999, the airfield was in ruins and was bought by REGIONAL AIR SERVICES, becoming the first and long time the only private airport in Romania.

Adrian Vasilache, Director General of Regional Air Services, looks back: "I'm an aircraft engineer and although in 1999 I had run a thriving business in another field, I did not feel professionally fulfilled. I dreamed of flying and I wanted to help people to fly. When I invested here, everyone thought that I would build a warehouse for wholesale trade – trendy at that time - as general aviation was in ruins at that time not only in Tuzla, but almost everywhere in the country. Clearly it was not a profitable business. Nor for me was it a business, it was an initiative born out of passion and, at first, somewhat irrational. I came to Tuzla and the first day we filmed every corner of this property. And now every time I see that film I wonder: keeping clearly in mind, that wandering through ruined buildings and rusty hangars, I felt something else in my soul, that here, someday, there could be something beautiful. Tuzla was originally just a dream that became a business much later. I had a responsibility to the employees and for that reason I wanted to see aircraft flying not to being admired on the ground. Regional Air Services is a business born out of a passion, not vice versa - and I have elected to work with people who think like me"

Since 1999, Tuzla has been "the home" for the Regional Air Services (RAS). The company does not have and has no place of business outside Romania and has continuously operated Tuzla Airport. It has expanded and modernized without any state support, without European funds or any other form of government support. Ongoing re-investment of profits, accessing bank loans and arduously pursuing and maintaining international standards has been our success.

Regional Air Services is now the market leader in general aviation within Romania, the private operator with the widest range of services and, in many cases, the only authorized provider - having in its own portfolio.

Tuzla Airport, 2nd place in Romania after Otopeni, as number of aircraft movements in 2016

In recent years, Tuzla International Airport has achieved an impressive business growth, confirmed by its constant rise in the top of Romanian airports.

According to the Romanian Airports Association’s official annual report, in 2016 Tuzla managed to get 2nd place after Otopeni (the most important airport in Romania) in the national ranking for aircraft movements. This result flagrantly contradicts, again, the wrong perception of Tuzla being an airport "less important" as its noteworthy position in this top places it ahead of all major airports that, unlike Tuzla, have been supported with EU funds and / or other types of state aids - such as Cluj, Timisoara, Baneasa, Iasi, Sibiu.

With 22,000 takeoffs and landings in 2016, Tuzla airport records a huge performance, given that the number of aircraft movements is one of the most important metrics for the workload, an indicator of the activity volume and use of infrastructure; the number of aircraft movements last year is 230% higher than in 2015. This leader-position validates once again Tuzla as "the most dynamic airport in Romania”, as awarded in 2009 by the AIRPORT FORUM - a publication of the Ministry of Transport.

"2nd place after Otopeni as per aircraft movements is for Tuzla and, actually, for any other airport, a true performance. We are very pleased we have achieved this result the year we celebrate 50 years since the first flight mission on Tuzla airport by the AVIASAN pilots. This is our tribute to tradition and prestige of AVIASAN. This honors and motivates us to continue in the same direction"- said Adrian Vasilache, General Manager of Regional Air Services Ltd.

Tuzla Airport, operated by Regional Air Services Ltd. (RAS) since 1999, is the only airport still having grass runaways and the only one that never accessed European funds and never received support from the State (state aids, tax exemptions, European funds - or any other kind of support), being, on the contrary, often constrained by public policies to disadvantageous situations.

Positive results are due to its 100% private management, a case unique in Romania.

Over the years, RAS Tuzla recorded a steady, planned, predictable and organic growth, without sudden “jumps” or “falls” - so typical to companies that exist because of "surprise" contracts.

In terms of passenger traffic in 2016, the airport in the south of the Romanian Black Sea coast recorded 15.288 carried passengers - lower than last year when had exceeded 25000 - but still meritorious, surpassing Baneasa and Tulcea – airports with concrete runways and economically encouraged by the public policies of the Romanian State.

The dynamics of passenger traffic in Tuzla is unfortunately influenced now, to a very large extent, by its infrastructure. Currently, because of wrongful and obstinate denials to entrust European funds for expansion and modernization to a „private airport operator”, RAS activity is yet limited to flights caring a reduced number of passengers. Thus, thee company is hosting following flight services: domestic and external passenger and cargo flights with small and medium aircraft (planes and helicopters up to Class A performance), including to and from offshore destinations; flight school (airplane / helicopter); medicalized air transport (airplanes / helicopters); skydiving (school / recreation); sightseeing flights / airtaxi; aerial advertising; aero surveillance of ground targets; photo-shooting and filming; utilitarian flights for agriculture.

"Modernized exclusively with its own budgets and without any help from the State, Tuzla Airport is achieving year after year outstanding results. These outcomes, together with its fortunate geographical position - in the southern part of Romanian coast and close to the shoreline, but also close to continental oil rigs and maritime exploration fields and close to Bulgaria - are conclusive advantages for involving the company in the strategies of regional development. RAS Tuzla proves itself as a reliable partner" - states Toma Mugurel - Airport Director.

REGIONAL AIR SERVICES - Tuzla International Airport is the Romanian market leader in general aviation - with a 18-year activity.

Tuzla Airport is:



The first professional integrated (air and naval) search and rescue service in Romania – organized as a partnership between a public body and a private operator – was concluded and released these days at Tuzla Airport.
It is also the first Romanian service that meets international standards of ICAO ANNEX 12 ICAO and ICAO – Doc. 7030, but also the OGP standards.

Regional Air Services and ARSVOM (Romanian Agency for Saving Lives at Sea) completed the refresher training related to rescue operations at sea HHO (helicopter hoist operator) / SAR under the exacting evaluation of the prestigious German company Heli Rescue Consult – an organization with an important tradition in training specialized personnel and with an impressive international portfolio.

The two instructors are Greipll Werner - a record holder of rescues in difficult conditions, both on land and at sea, with more than 5,000 lifting cycles and Herbert Graser - former Airbus test pilot.

During recurrent final trainings for more than two weeks, there have been various exercises with different degrees of difficulty, from rescues and backups on large vessels such as those on ALCOR - a vessel belonging to a private operator and contracted by Petrom for this purpose, to smaller boats and rafts for a single person or saving the floating victims wearing just a lifejacket from the water.

A remarkable aspect about this initiative is that, although complying with a work standard much higher than the one required by Romanian regulators, conforming even to the requirements of oil and gas industry organizations (OGP), also interested in the existence of such a service, the action has not involved any public budget resources.

Another remarkable fact: it is the only one in Romania complying with the work labor standards of worldwide. The agreement between RAS and ARSVOM sets up in detail the first integrated naval and air rescue system, describing carefully work procedures that allow harmonization not only with international law, but also with any other entity active in SAR in the world.

Because it is necessary to have a common language, an international language and not a "Romanian slang" in SAR, the State has to make the minimum effort to allow and encourage access to the public alerting system and create an unique and independent entity to coordinate SAR, separated from both political and financial obscure interests. An coordination entity is expected to be born and be compatible with coordination bodies worldwide to ensure with maximum efficiency and maximum transparency search and rescue resource management and rapid intervention. This does not happen now; Romanian legislation is outdated and contradictory, inconsistent and sometimes not compliant with the one internationally used - which is reflected in the shameful failure rate of the current search and rescue system.

The reform of the search and rescue service is one of the necessary steps in the near future to guarantee citizens rights and for providing a safe climate in the Romanian economical area – especially offshore – where there are lots of large operators – as PETROM – that require this kind of services. Meanwhile, SAR has a strategic importance for attracting investments in potentially risk areas, investors that bring this kind of requirements for choosing their work area.

Both RAS and ARSVOM are made available to such a system - in accordance with their training and specialization - now taken to the highest level in Romania.

It is in RAS tradition to aspire to be one of the service providers of search and rescue, being AVIASAN’s successor - with a record of such missions from 1967, 50 years ago. In addition, the Tuzla Company holds the national record in working with helicopters - managing almost 80% of activity recorded throughout the country.
In this respect, Regional Air Services prepares new major investments of tens of millions of euros for SAR fleet expansion.

The press is welcome to Tuzla International Airport tomorrow, June 14, 2016 and interviews were possible between 10.00-11.00 hours – in training break time.



The shortest and most comprehensive assessment of the 10 years’ anniversary edition of Aeromania is: “everybody is talking about the Aeromania”.

Yes, Aeromania is in the mainstay of televisions news journals, newspapers and magazines – even in their print or online versions, discussion forums and blogs - all over the social media. Why is it relevant? Because Aeromania is organized exclusively by private funds. There are few events in Romania that can boast that they are self-financed. Despite this, public entrance is free of charge for 10 years.

Behind the scene is a great effort to maximize the effects within minimum expense, a lot of volunteer work, lots of generosity, people loving aviation and performance, lots of sponsorships and partnerships. Everything is prepared without compromising the safety and security of everyone involved, even if sometimes the strict rules of such an event are not very convenient for all. These issues are more important when taking care of an aerobatic airshow and of a huge number of spectators.
Although usually in press releases the thanks and the presentations are left for the end, we believe that this is the exception that confirms the rule and we say it from the beginning: AEROMANIA exists due to Regional Air Services - Tuzla Airport and its managers that make aviation by passion, to the Regional Association for Promoting Aviation and to those companies who understood the event and have involved to the extent they afforded: Micri Gold, Alka, Aqua Carpatica - Sâmbureşti, Ana Hotels - Europa Hotel, Blaxy Resort, Pam Beach Hotel, Vera Hotel, Sabon, Logitech, BRD Societe Generale, Policolor, Tiriac Auto, NEI Holding, Umoserv, Time4Print, Wall's, Heineken and others, which do not include any public budget.
Aeromania is an unique event also because the organizers do not pay for eulogistic editorials and broadcasts, but is promoted through contents generated by press releases, by events organized at the Airport, by fair partnerships based on rigorous and harsh media partners evaluations, which promote the event based on strict rules and in line with their editorial policies: PRIMA TV, Pro FM, Radio Vacation DILEMA, La PUNKT, HISTORIA, Radio Constanta, NTV, AGREPRES,,, PS News, Constanta news , City Podcast Info Sud Est, Urban Constanta, 273 places to visit in Romania, Adevarul, Transylvania Business, Fusion, Casino, aviation, Best Event,, Click, Etiquette, E.Virgolici and others.
The event is also supported by an impressive number of organizations like Nikon, Retromobil Club Romania, RATC Constanta, the Aerobatic Iakkers, PriaEvents, Airports Association in Romania, Romanian Spotters, Maritimo Shopping Center, National Association of Meteorology, Litoral Association and others.

The number of fans has grown in proportion to the volunteers, this year helping no less than 56 young people. Special applauses for students from the University of Iaşi - Faculty of Geography - especially for Professors Bulai Mihai and Rosu Lucian, but also for those from Romanian-American University in Bucharest and Timisoara-aviation.

The result of these efforts is: 19,000 people present at the meeting on 2nd of July, 192 official photographers, 18 vintage cars in static display, dozens of motorcycles, aviation booths, playground for children, various food temptations - from grilled food and food-pots to raw-vegan specialties, relaxation or shopping areas - everything in perfect order.
But let's give Caesar what belongs to Caesar: the highlight of the event was the flawless air show. Mugurel Toma – AEROMANIA’s Air Boss – this year and for each of the 10 editions - surpassed himself with thoughtful planning and perfect implementation, resulting in a rally without downtime, without breaks, without delays or deviations. In this respect also, Aeromania surpassed even some of the airshows of great traditions and budgets.
The 10 years anniversary edition of AEROMANIA was marked by the exceptional participation of Romanian Airclub – that was the largest attendance to the date: Hawks of Romania, Blue Wings, White Wings and skydivers raised everybody’s enthusiasm, being now the beneficiaries of a large group of fans here, near the sea.
A little "salt and pepper" added Nicolae "Mami" Mihaita, a legend among Romanian pilots and the oldest pilot still flying in the country. At the age of 82 years he is still in the mood to stay up, in the air. "Mami" invited in his demo-flight Mr. Adrian Vasilache’s (Director General Regional Air Services) father, also aircraft engineer and octogenarian.
Because we are talking about the strengths, let’s remember how above the grass runway of Tuzla flew stormy three MIG 21 Lancer and three helicopters YAR 330 Puma belonging to the Romanian Air Force OHQ and the Romanian Navy showed, using three YAR 330 Puma helicopters – the rapid insertion and extraction of a group of eight soldiers, lowering rescuers and raising an injured man – winched, and other things. All under the astonished eyes and applauses of the great audience present at Tuzla airshow. Of course, the Aerobatic Yakkers couldn’t be missing - Dan Stefanescu, Ioan Postolache and Dan Conderman - who also celebrate this year 10 years of their outstanding performance. And, of course, after the solo flight of the multiple aerobatic champion Jurgis Kairys - as usual, wonderful - the evening ended with a number of highest quality acrobatics – with the "Air Bandits", accompanied by spectacular pyrotechnics.
Rock and pop rock music accompanied and closed the air show - with R.O.C.K, Zdob and Zdub, and Mihai Mărgineanu - to the enthusiasm of all - especially of young and many people who had danced until midnight.

What’s next?
In the near future we will be judging the photography contest and prizes consisting in flights are to be awarded. Immediately after, preparation of the 2017 edition starts.

“Aeromania is growing every year, each time more than our expectations - and now is certainly a milestone in the calendar of aviation events in Romania. We adapt to changes and new requirements from one edition to another and improve constantly. Imperfections are inevitable, but we are pleased that they not alter the amplitude of the event or the general impression - which remains extremely good, according to the feedback we receive every year" - concludes Cristina Mitchievici, Event Manager Aeromania.


The First Romanian Private Aerobatic School Opens at Tuzla Airport

Saturday, 2nd of July 2016, Regional Air Services – TUZLA Airport officially launches the first private aerobatic school in Romania during AEROMANIA airshow. From now on, Tuzla will not miss aerobatics any day!

Aerobatic courses were included in Regional Air School syllabus and approved on 25th of May 2016. The aircraft used for training is an EXTRA 200.

The training aircraft reaches a speed of maximum of 402 km / h and a cruising speed of 285 km / h. It has a Textron-Lycoming AEIO-360-A1E engine that can raise up to 200 horsepower in takeoff. During aerobatics, the plane can carry a maximum of 606 kg on two seats.

Regional Air Services Ltd – Tuzla Airport aerobatics school instructors are the experienced Ioan Postolache and Marius Rădulescu.

Ioan Postolache, 50 years old - 8.000 flight hours and over 2.000 aerobatic flight hours. Former member of the aerobatic national team and member of the first and most appreciated private aerobatic team in Romania, the Aerobatic YakKers, Ioan Postolache has a huge experience, being one of the most appreciated pilots in the country and highly rated worldwide – thanks to his impeccable evolutions.
Postolache can be seen flying at Aeromania airshow, together with the other two Yakkers and Jurgis Kairys.

Marius Radulescu, 30 years old - 1.600 flight hours, 50 aerobatic flight hours and 1.000 instruction flight hours. He is former member of the regional aerobatic team of Aurel Vlaicu Air Club, Bucharest, and flight instructor for the student pilots of Regional Air School on Tuzla Airport since 2011.

The aerobatic training at Regional Air Services Tuzla Airport takes one week, during which students perform a minimum of 6 hours of training.

To register as student pilot, you must hold at least a PPL (A) license – which can also be obtained at Tuzla Airport ATO (approved training organization) and must have a minimum of 40 hours as Pilot In Command.
Course price is 3000 euro.

“The initiative is part of Regional Air Services strategy to continuously bring something new to public in Romania or elsewhere. Passion for aviation helps us remain trend-setters in this area that requires sacrifices, but also offers plenty of rewards. We hope and wish that our aerobatic school trains pilots that make us proud and pilots ready to be invited to fly in following Aeromania editions, an event that has reached this year its 10th edition”, says Cristina Mitchievici, Regional Air Services Commercial Manager.


On June 18th, the Trip to the Sea Takes Only One Hour

For the first time in Romania, Uber users can book in the application a charter flight to the Black Sea cost

Regional Air Services and UberJET will operate Saturday, 18th of June, two charter flights taking off from Baneasa, Bucharest to Tuzla International Airport, near Constanța. Just by pressing a button in the UberJET app, the users can get from Bucharest to the sea in less than one hour.
Two last generation Diamond DA 42 aircraft provided by Regional Air Services take off from Băneasa airport and land on Tuzla airport, near Constanta, from where passenger are transported directly to Mamaia.

The flight costs 500 lei per passenger.

Users creating an account on Uber app between June 14th to 17th can win a free of charge ticket to the sea, using the code UberJET25 to register for the draw.

“Our mission is to make urban mobility as accessible as running water. And, along the way, to offer to our users a little magic. With UberJET you can reach the sea in just an hour, but, more importantly, this application allows you to push a button and order a memorable experience at height”, stated Nicoleta Schroeder, General Manager Uber România.

“Transport from the capital to the seaside has been and still is a problem due to traffic congestion on this route, especially in peak season. Again, Regional Air Services is involved in ingenious projects and solutions with positive impact on regional economic development, which sustain tourism and contribute to better connection to the transport network and, ultimately, increase the investment potential for South Dobrogea area”, said Cristina Mitchievici, Commercial Manager at Regional Air Services.

How UberJET works:

Uber is a technology company that connects in real time passengers – users of the app having the same name – and drivers that are using the platform. Currently, Uber provides a safe alternative transport in about 400 cities in over 65 countries, helping to change the way people travel in urban areas. Uber vision is to get as many cars off the city streets. Uber was founded in 2009 in USA and since February 2015 Uber is present in Bucharest, Romania, with three services: uberX, UberSELECT and Uber Child Seat.

Regional Air Services Ltd. is a general aviation enterprise established in 1998, among the first Romanian private operators in aviation. The company has, however, the first privately owned airport in Romania. RAS is no 4 in the top Romanian airports in 2015 in terms of number of aircraft movements (landings / take-offs) and is number 10 out of 18 in terms of passenger traffic.


A Perfect Ten:

Regional Air Services – TUZLA Airport

6 celebrations for Tuzla Airport in 2016: At a time when our society is very keen on making public services more efficient and performant, Tuzla Airport stands out in the general aviation domain and in the Romanian airport network.
Tuzla manages to achieve great performances providing unique services on the Romanian aviation market, it is a leader in several niches of activity and it holds safety, traffic and flight records.

Aeromania 10 Years – The most spectacular airshow in Romania organized with private funding
Aeromania is an international event that involves many who are passionate about aviation – Romanian and foreign pilots, prestigious companies, NGOs, press, artists, hobbyists. The final result is a show that gets more and more spectacular and original with each passing year. The 10th edition, scheduled for July 2nd, 2016 (or July 3rd 2016, in case of bad weather), promises to surpass all its predecessors.
This show has become a successful event not with the help of the public authorities and public money (which makes things more difficult), but with the continuous efforts of those passionate about aviation; “Aeromania 10 Years” promises to remind the public of its most successful acts and also to premiere brand new acts.

10 Years from the debut of the first Romanian private aerobatic team - The Aerobatic Yakers (Dan Stefanescu, Ioan Postolache, Dan Conderman)
10 years ago the first private aerobatic team in Romania marked its debut at Tuzla. The Aerobatic Yakers, because it is them that we are talking about, won their international fame through their very accurate and impressive aerial evolutions. At present they are invited to take part in over 30 yearly air shows in Romania, but also in Europe, the Middle East and even in China.
The Aerobatic Yakers proudly honor the Romanian aeronautic tradition by bearing on their plane wings the effigies of its pioneers. They concentrate all their efforts and personal resources to excel in their field. At present they are based on the small airfield at Banesti-Prahova, where they frequently organize aeronautic events.

The First Private Aerobatic School - Regional Air School, Tuzla
Regional Air Services in Tuzla is not a passion driven by business, but a business driven by passion. All their actions to promote aviation and other aerial events, organized pro bono publico, are meant to honor precision flight. It is for this reason that the founding of the first private aerobatic school at Tuzla on the exact day of Aeromania is a unique initiative, so it deserves a perfect ten.

10 years of offshore flight with class A helicopters with no major incidents or accidents - Regional Air Services
One of the most difficult flight missions – transporting passengers and goods over the see and for emergency situations, is the strong point of the Tuzla based company. These missions reveal the elite pilots, making thus the company the leader on the Romanian market and an important actor on the European market.
In 2016 Tuzla celebrates a decade of flying class A helicopters, which drives it to aspire to a more prominent role in aerial rescue missions by including its services also as part of the national air disaster intervention. This evolution crowns two decades of AVIASAN tradition – the leader in Romanian sanitary aviation.

10.000 offshore flight hours - from the Tuzla Airport and 100.000 passengers
This year Tuzla Airport celebrates 10.000 flight hours with helicopters and 100.000 passengers. It is the most active airport in regard to helicopter missions; in 2015 it managed 72.8% of the national air traffic (including civil and military aircrafts); tens of pilots filled in their flight books at Tuzla with hours of hard work and experience, safely transporting the passengers to offshore platforms and exploration ships or back on the land.

5 years as official dealer for Diamond Aircraft, one of the most important producers of medium and small aircrafts: Regional Air Services Diamond Aircraft Distributor
People who dream to own their personal aircraft are closer to achieving this aspiration. Tuzla has been the official Diamond Aircraft retailer for Romania for the last five years. They are also able to provide all post-sale services for your newly acquired aircraft. 5 years mean continuity and guarantee a strong business relation with one of the most appreciated producers of small and medium aircrafts – Diamond Aircraft.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished so far and it is very important for us, as administrators of this airport, not to forget and not to allow others to forget where we come from and where we stand now and all the efforts we have made for our passion for aviation. The result is meaningful, but it is also essential to respect our identity and history”, said Mr. Adrian Vasilache – General Manager of Regional Air Services – Tuzla International Airport.



Cristina Mitchievici:
Phone/ Fax.: +40 375 390 390 / +4 0241 733 450
Mobile: 0754 070 551

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