At your request, Regional Air Services can safely and promptly provide aero taxi services to different destinations inside Romania or abroad. Private flights are a way to set you free from airliners flight schedule and plan your own trip according to your own business schedule.

The aircraft which we can put at your disposal are chosen to fit your specific needs and are presented in the following:

Diamond 20

Price: 168 Eur / flight hour
Capacity: 1 + 1 pax
Cruising speed: 165 km / h
Endurance: 4 h
Autonomy: 660 km

Diamond 40

Price: 300 Eur / flight hour
Capacity: 1 + 3 pax

Diamond 42

Price: 600 Euro / ora +TVA
Capacity: 1 + 3 seats
Cruising speed at 95% power at at 12000 ft - 376 km / h (203 kt)
Range at 60% power with standard fuel 1912 km (1061 nm)
Max takeoff: 1650 kg

Augusta Bell 206 B3 Helicopter

Price/Performance: 3+1 pax: 960 Eur / flight hour
Cruising speed: 185 km / h
Endurance: 3 h 45'
Maximum distance of flight: 693 km
NB: For the helicopter you need to book the flight at least 48 hours before

CABRI Helicopter

Price: 420 Eur/ flight hour
Capacity: 1 + 1 seats
NB: For the helicopter you need to book the flight at least 48 hours before

Special offer: 1300 Eur/flight hour
NB: Hawker Beechcraft Kingair B 200 available at Mihail Kogalniceanu or Aurel Vlaicu, Baneasa Airports

Absolute confidentiality and discretion is assured at all times.
Requests shall be done at:



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