» Used to promote a brand
» Replace conventional media campaigns (television, radio, outdoor, Internet) or are part of the media mix


» For companies that promote an event or make an announcement
» For individuals (love declarations, marriage proposals, etc.)

Banner types

Campaign banner

Depending on the campaign, banners can be:

» Of average resistance (for 0 – 30 flight hours)
» Of high resistance (for unlimited towing)

Event banner

» For a single use – stands for maximum 10 flight hours
» The banner must be delivered at least 3 days before starting the campaign and will receive within 3 days a COMPLIANCE NOTICE from REGIONAL AIR SERVICES Technical Department.


According to ANAT:

» about 1,8 million tourists reached in 2010 the Romanian coast resorts.
» over 30.000 tourists went to Romanian Riviera on 1st of May 2010, double in comparison with initial estimates of National Association of Travel Agencies.
» The number of foreign tourists that spent their holidays on the Romanian coast through travel agencies increased with 30% compared to 2009.

CAccording to official reports of the Constanta County Police Inspectorate:

» During July-August 2010 registerd an increasing number of tourists visiting the seaside. Of the total tourists visiting the seaside, two thirds chose Mamaia and the rest the South coast (especially Neptun, Jupiter, Costinesti, Eforie Nord), Vama Veche and Costinesti.
» Most foreign visitors come from countries in Europe (92,9%). 56.5% of arrivals are from European Union countries: from Hungary (22,5 %), Bulgaria (10,1%), Germany (4,9 %), Italy (3,8 %) and Austria (2,2 %)
» 5% over the same period last year.



» 0 – 30 hours » 335 eur + VAT / flight hour + installation fee
» 30 – 50 hours » 325 eur + VAT / flight hour + installation fee
» 50 – 80 hours » 315 eur + VAT / flight hour + installation fee
Over 80 hours » 295 eur + VAT / flight hour + installation fee

» Discount for payment in advance: 5 %
» For CAMPANIGNS, additional discounts can be offered for out-of-season flights or for prime-time flight or during the week flights.


» Price is 335 euro + VAT / flight hour
» Discounts cannot be provided.

The cost of any CAMPAIGN is charged with an additional fee of 12 Euros + vat / tour on weekdays and 16 euro + vat / tour in week-end – for the banner installation fee.

Contract can be set in two ways:

» pay / flight time
» or pay / seaside tour (calculated from average time of a race).
In pay / flight time, at the end of the campaign a bill is issued for additional flight time or any time difference.
Regardless who the client is, the payment needs promissory note guarantee.


CONTRACTING shall be done at least 7 days before starting the campaign.
FLIGHT PLANNING is based on the "first to come" principle – depending on the free time intervals left in the schedule.
Each client receives an Xcell table schedule where he chooses its OWN desired air SLOTS. The Excel table schedule is the actual flight booking.

In case the client does not send the completed Excel plan within 12 hours, he may lose primacy of choice in front of another client.
Planning is part of the contract – as an annex to it.
This annex does NOT disclose the identity of other customers.

The Airport GUARANTEES THE EXCLUSIVITY for the type product/ service promoted by any of its clients.
The Airport reserves the right to increase the discount based on the specific media planning. An additional discount is offered for:
» Early contracted flight hours
» Out of season contracted flights
» Out of prime time intervals flights
» Flights during week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday until 12.00 – prices are higher).


» The airport guarantees services quality and compliance of all parameters imposed for air advertising services.
» The tours that cannot be performed because of weather conditions or of restrictions imposed by authorities (the CAA, the Air Force, etc.) will be rescheduled together with the client and with client's consent in the best available slots (those that typically get lowest discounts) and are charged with the price already offered.
» The Air Advertising service is controlled by following departments: control Tower, Flight Dispatch, Quality and Commercial Departments.
» Commercial Department issues periodic reports on air advertising activities, where specifies: type and registration of the aircraft, pilots name, engine start time, departure time, landing hour, route and observations.


PRODUCT: towed by plane banner (special flag)
DIMENSIONS: 10 x 3 m
PRINT: one sided print, vivid colours
TOWING DIRECTION: the flag moves only to the left
» In the left - 6 cm pocket where a 4 cm diameter sustaining pipe is introduced
» in the right - mesh (ideally PK 98, but PK 5 also) or other durable textile net material with wholes (like classic net-veil), unprinted, of 1,5 m length
» up / down – double hem sewing
NOTE!!! All seams (joints) will be done in the flight direction
NOTE: In the weight exceed limits, the banner can be refused.
RECOMMANDED MATERIAL for the flags used in campaigns of over 4-5 towings: Nylon Ripstop F111

ALL kinds of banner, namely:
» Of medium resistance (for 0 – 30 flight hours)
» Of high resistance (for unlimited number of banner towing)
» For single use – usable for maximum 10 flight hours
must meet all requirements regarding dimension, finishings and weight.

The only accepted incompliance are:
» The material used (that confers resistance) – which, in case of medium or single use, can be a replacement.
» Printing: in case of single use banners, printing made with coloured spray in acceptable.


The banner has to be delivered at least 3 days before starting the campaign – together with a handover report.
The customer receives within 3 days a COMPLIANCE NOTE from REGIONAL AIR SERVICES Technical Department.

If the banner does not meet expectations:
» The supplier may refuse towing, without refunding campaign cost
» The client can remake the banner in 7 days, by rescheduling the tours in the available slots in the schedule, with no modification of settled campaign costs.


Marriage proposal - event banner

Product launching - campaign banner

Brand awareness - banner of unlimited use

Sales campaign - average resistance banner

Installation, fastening system, take off

Route, display, flight



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