Dangerous Goods Transport and Cargo

Given the fact that fast distribution of any packages is more demanding than ever choosing an aircraft to deliver them ultra-fast with maximum safety degree is, definitely, a competition advantage.
Considering the volume and weight you chose to transport, Regional Air Services will offer the aircraft with best price per route.

There is a more efficient alternative in terms of time / cost for dangerous goods transport: air transport.
Because the radioactive materials have a depreciation rate that can affect in case of delayed delivery, their quality, air transport is the best solution for the success of your operations with such goods.


» over 60 tones transported in 2011,
» no incidents,
» already 120 charters with radioactive material class 7 - with no incidents.

REGIONAL AIR SERVICES is, currently, the only air carrier in Romanian general aviation authorized for nuclear transport activities: » By the authorization TF 17/2011 for dangerous goods transport – class 7 (radioactive)
» Authorizing the air carriage of following dangerous goods (IATA classification): UN 2908, UN 2909, UN 2910, UN 2911, UN 2912, UN 2913, UN 2915, UN 2916, UN 2917, UN 3321 and UN 3332.

REGIONAL AIR SERVICES has authorized personnel for accept and transport of dangerous goods.

Employee training is accomplished according to an annual training plan.
For 2012, 23 training programs were planned.
For assuring full compliance with all norms in dangerous goods transport, 15 employees- in 10th category personnel were trained – meaning flight crews and planners.
At the moment, REGIONAL AIR SERVICES owns 9 qualified pilots for dangerous goods transport.

Recurrent training is done, according to low, to 24 months.

REGIONAL AIR SERVICES carries dangerous goods transport with Hawker Beechcraft B200, Brittan Norman II, Diamond DA42 Twinstar or substitute aircraft, also providing related services required:
» Storage,
» Loading,
» Inspection of goods,
» Information provision - including emergency procedure,
» Reporting incidents / accidents,
» Data recording,
» Specializes.

To be able to personalize your offer, please asses your request to Commercial Department:


Cristina Mitchievici:
Phone/ Fax.: +40 375 390 390 / +4 0241 733 450
Mobile: 0754 070 551

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