Diamond is a worldwide operating composite aircraft manufacturer. One production facility is located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, where head office, research and development operations are conducted, and one in London, Ontario, Canada. At both facilities innovate aircraft solutions of the highest level and quality are produced.

Diamond aircraft are verifiably the safest in their class: the incredible overall accident rate of about just one sixth of the General Aviation average proves it (Source: Aviation Consumer January 2012). Self-ignited post-crash fire is always a worry in crash survivability. Aviation Consumer safety report also states that only Diamond airplanes had no post-crash fire among its competitors. This is because of the ultramodern safety avionics, also used in big airliners, the unique mono cockpit made out of light and at the same time very strong composite materials, as known from Formula 1, and an ingenious fuel system protection.

Diamond aircraft are best in class in their fuel efficiency, saving money whenever they fly. And with the Austro Engines AE300 Turbo Diesel with EECU – installed in the DA40 and DA42 – pilots or operators save even more fuel.

In December 2010, based on its remarkable achievements on Romanian General Aviation market, REGIONAL AIR SERVICES became DIAMOND REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER.

Great expectations are sustained by the fact that REGIONAL AIR SERVICES uses DA 20, DA 40 and DA 42 – and even the FNPT II for the FTO training and the management, technical department (Regional Air School - FTO, and students are completely satisfied with the quality of this brand.

More than that, an opinion poll made through our students show that they are 70% more interested in Diamond Aircraft than in any other kind of aircraft.

So, we expect FTO students and those interested in flying themselves or in their own interest to ask REGIONAL AIR SERVICES, as DIAMOND REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, for DIAMOND aircraft and products and financing solutions and services.

In addition to that, all potential clients will find best technical support here.

Available Diamond aircraft models:


For everyone who simply wants to conquer the sky: the high capacity power glider Super Dimona has the highest sales figures in the market for power gliders in Europe. Excellent for power and glider training, the HK36 Super Dimona is considered unbeatably user-friendly, robust and economic.

Since 1990: beloved and flown around the world: the series of HK36 Super Dimona (known in the USA and Canada as Katana X-treme series), the efficient two-seated powered glider made of fiber-reinforced high-tech composite. Equipped with Rotax engines with 100 and 115 hp (=turbo-charged variant), the Super Dimona is perfect for glider pilot training and glider towing.

In Europe, the Super Dimona quickly advanced to the best-selling powered glider. Over 900 aircraft have been produced so far.

The Eco Dimona is a special derivative of the Super Dimona, known as Multi Purpose Xtreme in Canada. It is equipped with a movable Wescam camera and cockpit monitor and is used for surveillance purposes.

DV 20

Imagine taking the ultimate 2 seat sports car and adding wings. That's the feeling you get when you take to the skies in the DV20 Katana, whether traveling or training. The advanced design of the DV20 Katana makes it an exciting airplane to fly – its agility and superb performance is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Comfort and style

A thoughtfully designed low maintenance interior gives both pilot and passenger unmatched panoramic views, comfortable seating and easy cabin access through the jet fighter–like canopy. The aircraft has conveniently located storage areas plus a generous baggage area. The DV20 Katana is well equipped to take you and your gear wherever you want to go.

Make your own experiences!

The DV20 provides you for your unforgettable flights with an exellent visibility. You will enjoy the easy handling and the quiet and smooth flight characteristics. Diamond is well known for it´s best safety record among piston singles and this will also enlarge your pleasure with this aircraft. With its uparalleled performance and efficiency, it is no wonder that the DV20 is the trainer of choise for many flight schools. With our involvement in training, we understand that great airplanes drive the success of great flight schools. Constructed out of durable composites, the DV20 is easy to maintain, especially when compared to aluminum aircraft. There's no better way to introduce students to the wonders of flight than with an airplane that's sporty, sleek, reliable, economical and most importantly – a Diamond.

DA20 – C1

The pure excitement of adventure is contained in this little power pack: the bestsellers Katana, Eclipse and Evolution belong to the single engine model series DA20. Countless pilots have discovered their love for flying because the DA20 is a very safe training and travel plane with excellent aircraft performance.

DA20-C1 Eclipse

Sleek, sporty and available with conventional and glass cockpit options, the 125hp Teledyne-Continental powered DA20-C1 quickly found ebthusiastic friends among private pilots and flight training schools alike.

The best selling two seater's popularity is due to the cost effectiveness, reliability, durability, and safety, proven in over 2.5 million flight hours at leading military, collegiate and private flight training academies around the world.

With 35 DA20-C1 aircraft 500 United States Air Force cadets are trained annually at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Academy in Colorado Springs.

DA 40 – 180

All models of the DA40 are founded on a very successful development concept. Excellent security, best flight qualities, robustness, very high reliability and low operating costs. The highly modern avionics, perfect panorama view and the generous luggage compartment encourage vacation plans and excite pilots and flight schools all over the world.

DA 40 NG (New Generation)

The demanding challenge behind the development of Diamond Aircraft's DA42 NG was to make full use of all contemporary technology to achieve optimum speed and flying range, outstanding safety and a new level in economic and environmental performance. At last, it is once more possible to fly a twin-engine aircraft with both a clear conscience and with maximum enjoyment.

DA40 New Generation

Whether you are new to aviation or a seasoned IFR pilot, the DA40 is the pilot's sophisticated first choice. The DA40 is designed and developed by pilots passionate about flying. Your first impression will be the sheer joy of taking to the air. Its quick take off into the air, the good response of the push-pull rod-activated controls, the panoramic visibility out of the large canopy. The powerful Garmin G1000 cockpit provides the pilot with a variety of helpful information just right at your fingertips.

Safety first

Whether at 50 or 1,000 hours, pilots can rely on the DA40's industry-leading safety record and the safety approach behind it. This includes benign handling at slow speeds, short take-off and landing distances, superior visibility and avionics which improve situational awareness as well as a failure resistant design. Passive safety to reduce injuries when accidents do happen, include aluminum fuel cells protected between two carbon-fiber spars to prevent post-impact fires, a 26G cabin with a protected passenger safety cell and many additional safety items such as airbag seatbelts as well as a 406 MHz ELT.

Flight training

Adding a DA40 New Generation to a flight line is an all-around smart business decision. Modern, composite manufactured aircraft with advanced avionics are essential in today's competitive environment to attract and retain both students and flight instructors.

With hundreds of Diamond aircraft operated worldwide in flight training organizations our products are designed to meet your requirements. Therefore the DA40 precisely fits to your needs as flight training provider or leaseback owner.

Sleek design, robust composite construction, Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, a maintenance-friendly design, reliable customer service support, low insurance rates and much more are just some reasons to buy a DA40. Therefore it is not surprising that many universities, colleges and flight schools choose the DA40 as a core airplane in their modern fleet.

SVT – The first general aviation OEM - Synthetic Vision System

The DA40 NG offers the option of adding Garmin Synthetic Vision technology to your tool kit. Displaying three dimensional terrains, this cutting-edge technology allows you to "see" what surrounds you right on the PFD, from terrain to obstacles and even traffic. Further the virtual pathways improve your situational awareness, especially on approach.

DA 42 NG (New Generation)

The shooting star: Whether in the area of security, economy or range – the ultra-modern twin-engine DA42 NG, in demand the world over, conforms perfectly to the priorities of its owners. The diesel version of the DA42 is fueled by diesel or alternatively Jet A1. At last you can fly a twin powered aircraft with a clear conscience and a lots of fun.

Two thumbs up

Diamond Aircraft Industries has equipped its DA42 with a new Diesel-power plant. The AE300 leaves an excellent impression. It is powerful and economical at the same time. The new DA42 NG represents a definite improvement over the previous version. All these new facts make the DA42 with AE300 a great choice for individual owners, as well as for flight schools looking to add modern appeal and technology to their flight line.

An aircraft that will determine the future of diesel-engined aviation

The 336hp provides impressive acceleration, an unsurprising increase from the DA42 TDI. With the engines delivering 100 %Take Off power, the nose is raised to 12° and it climbs at 90 KCAS burning 9.4 US gal per hour per engine with the variometer oscillating between 1,100 and 1,300 fpm. That is truly impressive. Five minutes after Take Off we are reducing to max continious power of 92% and still get a climb rate of approximately 1,100fpm. The fuel flow meter is indicating 8.5 USgal/h now.

Levelling off at 12,000 ft with the power indicator still at 92% we are accelerating to 145 KCAS which leads to a true airspeed of 183 kts. The service ceiling is 18,000 ft and it can maintain 14,000 ft with one engine out. We are engaging the autopilot and enjoying the luxury of the GFC 700 with its yaw damping system. Bringing the power back to a more normal 75 % power, the engines are burning 6.8 US gal per engine and delivering 175 KTAS, which is magnificient for just 51 l of Jet A1 per hour.

The result

With the DA42 NG you will enjoy lower operating costs, lower fuel consumption with an increase of comfort, power and performance.


TUZLA AIRPORT, Constanta District, 907295

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