The first ones, once more!

Opened in 2003, REGIONAL AIR SERVICES skydiving school is the first private initiative of this kind in Romania and the first one having 7/7 schedule and two permanent instructors.
The skydiving school now has all requested facilities and approvals and the instructors have all qualifications needed to train students from lowest level (ab initio) to the requested license level.

Skydiving school and entertainment skydive point for tourists!

Tuzla skydiving centre has great popularity among connoisseurs and is recommended in all publications as a reference point for those interested in skydiving just for fun, also.

REGIONAL AIR SERVICES offers training skydive courses as well as the necessary equipment for practicing this sport.

The height from which the jumps are performed varies from 1000 to 4000 meters and the panoramic view offered on this altitude includes the Romanian sea side area.

School's personnel

Skydiving school has as instructors the experienced Cristina Constandache (2500 jumps) and Adrian Constandache (2800 jumps) and other associated instructors - all of them having high level qualifications and achieving outstanding professional records – both within the company (as tandem instructors, examiners, instructors for relative freefall exercises and on dome, or as parachute receptionists), as well as national and international sport records – both instructors holding several times the national champion cup for individual or team competitions and awards in international competitions.

Tandem jumps

At Tuzla drop zone people that want to taste the pleasure of flight otherwise than flying an airplane can jump in tandem jumps.

The main advantage of the tandem jumps is that the tourist is permanently assisted by an instructor – who helps him to overcome initial fear.

The jump can be video or photo recorded - so that the client will have a "proof" of it – as an unconventional memory to show to his or her friends.

The equipment used for photo or video shooting is the latest entry and films are often used by television stations for carrying reports about the activity on the airfield.

Events participation

Skydiving school instructors coordinate the section dedicated to sportive skydiving in the events REGIONAL AIR SERVICES organizes every summer: FLY IN (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010), Aero GP (2007 and 2008), FAI Mamaia World Elite Aerobatic Formula 2009.

Instructor's demonstrations drew enthusiasm from press, informed public and people on the beach, also.

Demonstration jumps

Demonstration jumps are made for promoting an event or a product – for different companies.

The TUZLA skydiving team performed demonstrative jumps nearby Constanta but also in many different requested locations (beaches, gardens, sport grounds and so on).

For a bigger impact on the public, demonstrative jumps can be performed with big flags towed by the skydivers, smoke grenades or branded waves or costumes.

Technical features

include New classrooms designed according to all European standards,
jump simulators,
AN-2 (for 10 students and 1 instructor) and Cessna 182 (3 students + 1 instructor) aircraft,
A parachute park consisting in 9 school equipments fitted with safety devices (with an average life span of 7 years and minimum 5-1000 jumps), Manta 290 parachutes, 3 tandem parachutes and several performance parachutes.

Individual jumps: 20 Eur + VAT
Parachute rental: 10 Eur + VAT
Tandem: 150 Eur + VAT
Film: 25 Eur + VAT
Film and Photography: 35 Eur + VAT
Special programs - upon negociation

Records registered in past years show a significant public interest increase for this skydiving - in all three directions above described (tandem jumps, skydiving school, demo jumps).


Adrian Constandache: adrian.constandache[a]

Cristina Constandache – Skydive instructor: cristina.constandache[a]

Cristina Mitchievici – Comercial: cristina.mitchievici[a]

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