The Cabri G2

Helicopteres Guimbal was founded late-2000, with the purpose of developing and certifying the two-seat helicopter Cabri G2. This also involved the full-scale industrialisation for serial production. The program was based on the achievements of the technological demonstrator that Bruno Guimbal had built and tested in the 90's.

On December the 15th, 2007 in Le Bourget, after six years of intense development and nearly 300 hours of relentless flight testing, Alain Leroy, EASA director, delivered the Cabri G2 Type Certificate.

The first genuine European piston helicopter ever!

Safety first!

Because safety is the helicopter pilot's primary concern, we have set a target, when designing and testing the Cabri, to a level that was previously unknown in this category. Both passive and active safety were our concern.

The Cabri G2 is entirely certified following EASA CS-27 and FAR-27 rules, covering all helicopters under a maximum gross weight of 3175 kg

After years of experience in terms of safety and in close cooperation with the

EASA and DGAC engineers, we guarantee that Cabri is safe. In heat. In cold. With vibration. At altitude. To lightning. After natural ageing. In magnetic radio interference. And finally to every constraint that he will, one day or another put on his machine.

Superior flying qualities

Thanks to its semi-articulated, three-bladed rotor, using innovative new technologies, the Cabri offers a unique combination of maneuverability and stability. Cabri has an outstanding stability in a hover and in cruise, akin helicopters five times the size.

The perfect helicopter for autorotation training - at last!

The Cabri main rotor was designed with training in mind, to allow a safe and efficient autorotation practice.
Together with a very large range of RPM, make the rotor speed control easy, safe and demonstrative in autorotation.

Simply the best antitorque system

Cabri’s tough shroud, and energy-absorbing skid, with a 1.2 meter ground clearance, provide an unmatchable safety for people standing around, during close-to-the-ground maneuvers, and during landing in cluttered area.

The anticrash revolution

The Cabri is the only piston helicopter designed from scratch with occupants protection in mind. It's the only one to meet the recent EASA CS27-and FAR 27 regulation, that requires a high impact energy absorption.
Moreover, to maximize your safety in the event of an accident, the Cabri's fuel tank and circuit are made with technologies coming from combat helicopters and Formula 1 : dual-structure with thick, untearable fuel bladder, reinforced fittings, etc.


The Cabri occupants enjoy a roomy, luxurious, leather-clad cockpit, with perfect all-round visibility and outstanding ergonomics.

Thus the Cabri provides you with a level of safety that was until now the reserve of the military, and a few expensive turbine helicopters.


TUZLA AIRPORT, Constanta District, 907295

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