Tuzla Airport, 2nd place in Romania after Otopeni, as number of aircraft movements in 2016

In recent years, Alexandru Podgoreanu Airport - Tuzla has achieved an impressive business growth, confirmed by its constant rise in the top of Romanian airports. According to the Romanian Airports Association’s official annual report, in 2016 and 2017, Tuzla managed to get 2nd place after Otopeni (the most important airport in Romania) in the national ranking for aircraft movements.

t is a huge performance for Tuzla Airport, given that the number of aircraft movements is one of the most important metrics for the workload, an indicator of the activity volume and use of infrastructure. This leader-position validates once again Tuzla as "the most dynamic airport in Romania”, as awarded in 2009 by the AIRPORT FORUM - a publication of the Ministry of Transport.
Over the years, RAS Tuzla recorded a steady, planned, predictable and organic growth, without sudden “jumps” or “falls” thanks to the 100% private management, a case unique in Romania.

REGIONAL AIR SERVICES – Alexandru Podgoreanu Airport - Tuzla is the Romanian market leader in general aviation - with a 19-year activity.

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